Mayor and Common Council

The City of Weyauwega operates under the Mayor-Council form of government under Chapter 62, Wis. Stats.
The Common Council is the legislative branch of City Government.  Its primary business is passage of laws in the form of ordinances or resolutions.  The Council establishes salaries of all officers and City employees, and officially manages the City's financial affairs, its budget and revenues, and the raising of funds necessary for operation of the City.
The mayor serves as the chief executive officer.  The mayor sees that City ordinances and state laws are observed and enforced, and that all City officers, boards, committees, and commissions discharge their duties.

Jack Spierings     

Common Council:
Ward One -   Rich Luedke           

                    Keith Najdowski     

Ward Two -   Nicholas Gunderson   

                    Shani Appleby       

Ward Three - Bruce Goetsch      

                    Rick Binley