September Water Billing Information
We are making you aware that your water meter reading was collected on September 18, 2019. Shortly after that reading the system that automatically reads your meters failed. This possible is due to a storm that was in the area that also struck a nearby business causing failure to their technology systems. With that being said we are working with the Meter Company and software technicians to resolve the issue by replacing or repairing damaged and failed equipment. However, this does take time to obtain replacement/repaired equipment. Therefore, we will be estimating your October/November water bills based off of your previous readings throughout the year. Once the equipment is repaired/replaced and operational again we will be able to obtain accurate readings and move forward appropriately.  Please keep in mind that this is totally out of our control but we are doing everything possible to rectify the situation and resume to normalcy in a timely manner. We respectfully ask for your patience, cooperation and understanding through this process.
Request for Statement of Qualifications for Engineering and Consulting Services
The City is seeking a firm to provide engineering and consulting services for a potential multi-year period. 

Statement of Qualifications Informational Packet

Please forward your Statement of Qualifications to the following address to be received by the City no later than 4:30 pm, Friday, October 18, 2019. 

By no means should any potential firm solicit elected officials or City staff. Doing so may create ground for disqualification. The City will not entertain separate meeting beyond those listed within the attached schedule.

ADDRESS: City of Weyauwega
                   Attn: Jeremy Schroeder, City Administrator
                   PO Box 578, 109 E Main Street
                   Weyauwega, WI 54983